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     Choosing a Phone: 
    • Narrow your choice to a certain wireless company from our Top Choice List.
    • Then choose among the phones that company offers. In most cases, there are just a few basic or easy-to-use phones that are best for seniors. While a company like Jitterbug specializes in cell phones for seniors, most cellular companies have phones convenient for seniors.
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    While you can go wireless for Free with an "Emergency-Only" cellular phone, you get a much greater level of security by paying a few dollars a month. It's certainly worth the peace of mind. As you become more comfortable with wireless services you can increase your available features. The more features you get, the lower the cost of each those features, although not necessarily with Data features.

    For just Voice calls and Texts a "feature" is all you need. There are inexpensive to buy and they are qualified for each carriers cheapest plans. A Smart phone enables you to access the Internet, read your email or enjoy Apps that can make your life easier, or, at least, more fun.

  • 3G vs. 4G:
    3G phones are more than adequate for accessing the Internet, email and almost all Apps. 4G service is only necessary if you want to access live, "streaming" services such as live sports or complicated Apps.

    Seniors 65 and older can get a special "Seniors Only" plan which includes a smaller number of Talk and Text minutes at a lower price, but you will need a different plan if you want to access email or the Internet with your phone.

    You don't need to carry a cellular phone around the house. You can switch to a Wireless Home Phone System and dump your old phone company.
   Cellular Services Suggested For Seniors:
Jitterbug by Great Call
GREAT CALL offers the JITTERBUG phones and plans that are specially designed for seniors. They have large, easy-to-read buttons and screen, a loud earpiece, service with reasonable monthly charges, no contract, an "operator" when you need one, and great national coverage. Their entire service is directed to seniors and is based on the Verizon Wireless network, where available. Plans start as low as $14.99 per month.

Click Here to Learn More About Jitterbug
TRACFONE is the largest Prepaid phone service in the country. They have coverage all across the US, including areas not available with other carriers. They are one of the few Prepaid services with a money-back guarantee. Service plans start at less than $9 per month. Many of their phones are very basic and their customer service is adequate. They are one of only a few wireless company that can provide local numbers in virtually all parts of the country. They also offer similar services under the NET10 brand.

Click Here to Learn More About TracFone
AT&T is a top national carrier with several senior-friendly phones. They make online shopping friendly with 30-day returns, free shipping and no rebates required. They have special senior plans starting at $30 per month and have good customer service. AT&T has several senior-friendly phones that are relatively simple, with screens that are easy to read. AT&T also has Prepaid plans.

Click Here to Learn More About Wireless from AT&T
Verizon Wireless
VERIZON WIRELESS claims America's most reliable network with excellent coverage and lots of features. Verizon offers their best online discounts to our visitors on plans, phones and accessories. Free overnight shipping & returns, 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and instant discounts. They have special senior plans starting at $30 per month and have good customer service. Verizon also has Prepaid plans.

Click Here to Learn More About Verizon Wireless
Consumer Cellular
CONSUMER CELLULAR is a prepaid service that offers senior- friendly features including an AARP discount. Their phones use the AT&T network for most of their coverage but also roam on other networks where AT&T service is not available. No contract is necessary and prices are reasonable for low usage. They have a small number of phones ranging from Basic to Smart Phones.

Get Consumer Cellular Phones at Less Than Retail Here.
Straight Talk
STRAIGHT TALK is a good choice for seniors who want to use lots of minutes and data. They offer monthly prepaid plans that start at $30 with "Unlimited" plans at $45, plus tax. They have excellent coverage, Auto-refill and International Long Distance plans. They sell a number of phones including Smart phones, and a "Bring Your Own Phone" plan both for GSM and CDMA phones. We are one of the few places you can buy Straight Talk Online.

Online Deals on Straight Talk
   Our Recommendations For Seniors:

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