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Great Wireless Devices for an Independent Lifestyle:
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Wireless Plans for Seniors:
Find a plan that fits your budget and is tailored to your usage.  Prices range from FREE to lines you can add on your current family plan.
Help a Senior Go Wireless:
You can set up an account that is easy for a senior to handle or one that bills to a different family member.

Wireless Benefits:
  • Safety and Security:
    Carry a cell phone wherever you go and help will be just a phone call away, in some cases, with the push of just one button. Many phones can be traced to their general location, you can be "found" if you want.  Others can automatically notify family or an Emergency Center in the event of a fall.

  • Cellular Can Save Seniors Money:
    Cellular can be cheaper than a wired phone line, Long Distance charges can be Free, charges can be by the minute instead of by the month, cellular phones come with most Calling Features included and not as extra charge items as with land lines. You could even use your old phones, and even go totally wireless.

  • Cellular: Your Low-Cost Alternative for Making All Long Distance Calls:
    Most current cellular plans include Long Distance calls for no extra charge. You still pay for your cellular usage, but the charges are based on the amount of time used, not the distance. If you make a lot of long distance calls, you might consider one of many "Unlimited" options. There are a number of cellular plans that offer FREE international calling to a large number of foreign countries.

  • Cellular Charges by Time, Not Distance.
    Many new cellular users, including seniors, don't understand that wireless calls are charged for the time you use the phone and not where you are calling. You might hear that cellular has "Free Long Distance", but it means "Long Distance Free of Extra Charges". You only pay for time you use the phone. This expands your included calling area to the entire US, and, in some cases, many foreign countries. Parents with children who live 'just over the line' for free landline calls, can make cellular calls to the kids as if they were next door. And, in most cases, plans now include an "Unlimited" number of talk minutes which means even though you are charged for using wireless time, you're charged the same whether you talk a lot or a little. If you travel, "Free Roaming" means "Free of Extra Charges for Roaming Away from Your Home Area." Also see Cellular Long Distance Calls.

  • Friends and Family Can Help:
    A wireless customer can add a phone to their own plan for a senior friend or relative for as little as $10 a month. The senior shares the monthly minutes and, in most cases, you can call each other without any per-minute charges at all. If the family subscribes to a 'Push-to-Talk' plan, one party in the family can call another with the push of a button. Some phone features can alert a member of the family if a senior moves to another area or suffers a fall.

  • Get Untied From Your Computer:
    You can access your email, participate in online social connections and search web information without being confined to a specific location. Feel free to use this wireless data connection at home or while you're away. With a smartphone you can access all those features right in your pocket. Be sure your phone has an appropriate data plan. Consider this: many customers have replaced both their home phone and their home computer with just one smartphone!

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